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Green Innovation Competition 

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Green Innovation Competition 

“The Green Innovation Competition” is one of the projects of the “Robotics, STEM and Green Innovation" organized by the Centre of Innovation and Technology of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. "Environmental protection" and "Innovation and Technology" are the significant topics of achieving sustainable development recently. Therefore, the competition is well-designed to increase student knowledge and creativity on sustainable development. The details of the competition can be found as below:

Competition Content (Tentatively):

The competition is divided into groups of primary and secondary schools. By identifying an environmental problem, participants are encouraged to design a solution to solve the issue according to the yearly competition topic using their scientific and technological knowledge and skills, but competition theme will be slightly modified every year. Contestants are asked to collect scientific findings for their design (such as but not limited to technical data measurement or questionnaire survey, etc.) to make an objective evaluation of the effectiveness, and try to optimize their design for practical application.

Competition Format (Tentatively):

(A) Online Preliminary Competition


Participating Teams are required to submit an introduction video and an engineering logbook of their competition design, content may include but not limited to:


- Environmental issues to be addressed by the solution


- The specific content of the proposal


- Design and development report of equipment/appliance/system/software/device


- Objectively and scientifically evaluate the effect, analyze the results, and explore the direction of continuous optimization and improvement


- Operation demonstration

Judging team will evaluate the introduction videos and engineering logbooks of the competition design of each team to select the best 10 teams to enter to the finals. Meanwhile, the general public is welcomed to participate in the online public voting session to select the top three teams to win the "most popular designs" award. The winners of the “most popular designs” will have the opportunity to win valuable prizes.


(B) Finals (Tentatively):


In the finals, the shortlisted teams are required to give a 5-min presentation about their design followed by a question-and-answer session. Teams with outstanding performance will be awarded the first, second and third runner-up.


*The specific arrangement is subject to change depending on the situation at the time.

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