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Robotics, STEM and Green Innovation (Phase 3)

The new phase of the project starts from September 2022 to August 2024, and 110 primary and secondary schools are invited to participate in STEM related education activities. If you are interested in enrolling, please upload the signed "Robotics, STEM and Green Innovation (Phase 3)" Partner School Agreement to the following website
before 12:00 noon on 7 October 2022 to complete the online registration, application spots are limited, first-come, first-served.

"Robotics, STEM and Green Innovation (Phase 3)" Partner School Agreement: Click Here

Project Summary

‘Robotics, STEM and Green Innovation (Phase 3)’ targets to recruit 110 local primary and secondary schools and benefits approximately 60,000 teachers and students. The elements of this project will include training, competitions, public activities, visits and sharing. Under the new phase, more realistic elements will be added into activities. 




CUHK will organize robotic and green technology workshops respectively for all partner schools, covering both beginners to advanced levels. Extra machine operation trainings will be provided to students and allow them to have access with industrial technology such as 3D printer in different materials at the Fabrication Lab in Hong Kong Science Park, a facility used by the industry.


There will be two different competitions each year, in total there will be four in the whole project period. Winners will be nominate to join VEX Robotics World Championship and Mitsubishi Electric Eco Tech Cup. Those competitions will focus on different themes such as competitive robotic, and innovative designs on sustainability, through different competition formats like mission-oriented, presentation and demonstration.

Public Activities

Students’ effort will eventually exhibit in the InnoCarnival to share their achievements with the public, which is a good channel in promoting innovation and technology culture in Hong Kong.

Visit and Sharing

Students will visit corporations, university research labs to have a deeper understanding on industrial and academic technology development. The Chinese University of Hong Kong Robocon team will have sharing with students on their experience in joining regional and worldwide university level robotic competition in sharing session.

This project contains theories and applications, and it fully covers subjects in STEM and extending to STEAM by adding Robotics and Arts. Students can really experience hands-on exercises by dealing with real life situations and exposure to real life application in academic and industrial aspect . It is so comprehensive and is rare when comparing with other similar programs.

Project Schedule (Tentatively)

The new phase of the project starts from September 2022 to August 2024. Below is the overview of the project schedule. Project schedule will be adjusted according to the real-life situation, venue availability and other arrangements.


— There is no entry fee for Hong Kong Tech Challenge Junior; however, for the team registration fee, please refer to the REC foundation official website

— Entry Fee and Registration Fee are not necessary for Green Innovation Competition

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