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Hong Kong Tech Challenge Junior 

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Hong Kong Tech Challenge Junior
(The specific arrangements may be revised depending on the situation at the time)

 “Hong Kong Tech Challenge Junior” is one of the projects of the " Robotics, STEM and Green Innovation" organized by the Centre of Innovation and Technology of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The competition kit used in the "Hong Kong Tech Challenge Junior" is VEX IQ. Compared with the VEX V5/EDR used in the "Hong Kong Tech Challenge", it is more suitable for students to learn robot programming and assembly techniques.

There are three parts of the competition (the tournament):

(A) Teamwork Matches

Teamwork Matches are divided into Qualification Matches and Finals Matches:

  • Qualification Matches

In each competition, the computer will randomly select two robots to form a team to compete tasks for points within the timeframe. A minimum of 6 rounds of the competition (depending on the number of participating teams) will be conducted, and the top ten teams in the Qualification Matches (depending on the number of participating teams) will enter to the finals.

  • Finals Matches

Teams can select their own teammates for the competition. Teams with the highest scores will be the winner of the game.

(B) Robot Skills Challenge

Driving Skills Matches

  • A time period during which drivers operate their robot to obtain points.

Programming Skills Matches

  • To obtain points, robots operate and react only to sensor inputs and to commands pre-programmed by the students into the robot control system.

(C) Judging Session

Contestants are required to introduce their robot, such as the design concept and game strategy, in this session.

Remarks (the specific arrangements may be modified depending on the situation at the time):

  • Competition will be held in one of the weekends between December and February yearly under different themes.

  • The number of representatives from Hong Kong is determined by the REC Foundation (US) every year, and the team with the best results will have the opportunity to be invited to represent Hong Kong in the VEX Robotics World Championship held in the United States. ​

  • The competition is divided into groups of elementary school student and middle school student. Participants in the elementary school team must be 12 years old or below, and participants in the middle school team must be 15 years old or below.

  • In each team, it must be composed of an Adult and 2 to 4 students.

  • Each school can only send a maximum of 4 teams to participate in the skill competition (2 teams each for the elementary school teams and middle school teams).

  • Competing teams are required to submit the team's engineering records to the judging team for evaluation and scoring at the time of registration for the competition.

  • If social regulations are tightened due to COVID, the "Hong Kong Tech Challenge Junior" may change the competition mode.


​ U.S. Official Website: Click here​ 

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